Soundtracked – February 23rd

Here are some of the recent song releases we’ve been enjoying at LDOI. All songs featured can be found in the Spotify playlist linked at the bottom of the page (updated weekly).

*TRACK OF THE WEEK*: ‘Ben Dover’ – Mantra Love : Texas-based duo, Mantra Love bring fuzzy vocals and swirling riffs into energetic melodies, serving cool hints of psychedelia amongst breezy indie rock. FFO: The Strokes

‘Toking, Dozing’ – Feng Suave : Netherlands-based band, Feng Suave, put soulful vocals into laidback bedroom pop, glittering with effortlessly smooth guitars and rich basslines. FFO: Rex Orange County

I’m Not For You’ – Wharf : Mellow guitars enveloping around soft vocals, London four-piece, Wharf, take on heartfelt lyricism and gentle melodic hooks. FFO: The Night Cafe

‘where the goddess dwells’ – calamity club : Hazy vocals and subtle instrumentation, Chicago-based, calamity club, create delicate music filled with warm undertones. FFO: Boy Pablo

‘(Let’s Fall In Love) Today’ – AJ Abdullah, Avery Bruce, Me Here : The triple artist collaboration between AJ Abdullah, Avery Bruce, Me Here, is short but sweet – laying soft jazzy tones beneath sunny vocals and slick beats. FFO: Rex Orange County

‘Expensive’ – Zard : American lo-fi artist Zard mixes cool hip-hop influences with sleek synths and smooth vocals, describing “the risks of finding someone new despite your past relationships.” FFO: Temporex

‘The Struggle Of Life’ – Miles Horn : Raw vocals and authentic lyricism, ‘The Struggle Of Life’ is melancholic, yet optimistic – filled with a heartfelt honesty. FFO: Lewis Capaldi

‘If I Knew’ – Groove City : The funk-filled odyssey from Australian duo Groove City explores feel-good elements of dance and disco while retaining a raw guitar-heavy feel – the groove is in the name. FFO: Kid Astray

‘espresso’ – aaron joseph russo : Australian artist aaron joseph russo layers swirling guitars, breeze-filled vocals, and laidback synth hooks, dancing through a dreamy bedroom-pop journey. FFO: Vansire

‘Fields Of Nowhere’ – Fufu Banana : Groovy rock from Israel-based band Fufu Banana, packed with trippy lyricism and touches of psychedelia, filled with vibrant basslines and neat brass solos. FFO: Cage the Elephant

At Some Point’ – Meyru : American five-piece Meyru bring feel-good indie pop hooks and mellowed vocals, sparkling with hazy guitars and soft drum beats. FFO: Vistas

‘I Can’t Get Enough’ – Set Sail : Catchy lyricism and spirited instrumentation, Australian group Set Sail put lighthearted energy into upbeat indie rock. FFO: Foster the People

‘Let You’ – Pastel & Haoting : A rich collaboration from London-based Pastel, and Taiwanese Haoting, filled with delicate vocals and chilled out melodies. FFO: Boy Pablo

Listen to the Soundtracked Playlist here:

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