Larkins release ‘Hit and Run’ EP

Bursting straight into the vibrant title track, ‘Hit and Run’, Larkins immediately declare their presence – dancing instrumentation loops around catchy vocal hooks and arena-filling choruses, before jumping into the funkier sounds of ‘Flood’.

Meanwhile, ‘Make You Better’ starts to paint a more vulnerable side of Larkins, edging away from the firing riffs and anthemic hooks. Emotive lyricism tears through gentle piano notes, drifting through soft harmonies and heartfelt odes to better days.

The lengthier ‘Pieces’ exhibits Josh Noble’s vocals at their very best. Rooted with luminous synth, and layered with vivid guitars and resounding basslines, the last notes flutter away – a rippling final bow.

Listen to the EP below, and buy tickets for Larkins’ biggest tour yet here.

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