January Favourites

Here are 7 tracks we’ve been loving this month.

Ibuprofen – Pabst

Spirited punk rock with dazzling riffs and thumping drums. FFO: The Chats

You Don’t Have To Be Lonely – The Undercover Dream Lovers

Chilled synth, breezy vocals and zesty guitar riffs join together to craft a slick modern take on 80’s dance pop. FFO: Daft Punk

City Vocabulary – Hause Plants

Glowing vocals backed by flaming riffs and dazzling hooks. FFO: The Night Cafe

Special mentions:

Momentary Bliss – Gorillaz, slowthai, Slaves

24 Hours – Georgia

Beautiful Faces – Declan McKenna

Why – The Big Moon

Listen to the Monthly Favourites playlist here:

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