Sunrise on the Moon – Morningless: ALBUM REVIEW

Taking the listener on his journey of growing up, travelling, and searching for love, indie-folk artist, Morningless, uses gentle instrumentals, floating harmonies and equal parts optimism and melancholy to convey the highs and lows of life.

The album begins with the short, instrumentally heavy, ‘I’ll Tell You..’, before slipping straight into ‘Panda Pub’. Beginning with rising synth, the track conveying the positivity and anticipation of his younger self as he looked ahead to the future – meanwhile ‘Jupiter’ takes a much more reserved approach, reflecting on big changes in life. ‘QK’ continues down this muted avenue – delving into melancholic lyricism whilst maintaining colourful melodies.

Hinting at the idea of not being heard, ‘DJ For No-One’ is perhaps Morningless’ most candid track on the album – examining into the feelings of loneliness surrounding creating and promoting music.

‘By My Fireplace’ discusses losing energy, whilst ‘Motorflower’ and ‘Sand’ take a dip into psychedelia; unravelling ideas of imagination, dreams, and nightmares through woozy vocals and spinning instrumentation.

Listen to the album here:

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