VANT live at The Key Club, Leeds

After a year long hiatus, Mattie Vant burst back onto the music scene in 2019 with new music and a run of live shows, once again under the name ‘VANT’. A little under a year on, his second album ‘Conceived in the Sky’ has just been released, and he’s currently embarking on a UK tour.

Playing to a three-hundred strong crowd in Leeds, VANT did not disappoint. Kicking off with ‘Mary Don’t Mind’, the band jumped into fan-favourites ‘Put Down Your Gun’ and ‘Peace and Love’, before slipping between sophomore and debut albums throughout the rest of the set.

Whilst ‘Dumb Blood’ was a biting indie-rock-punk record, ‘Concieved in the Sky’ takes a more eclectic approach – mixing elements of hip-hop and pop, with punkier lyricism and bursts of fierce riffs.

Heavier tracks such as ‘Lampoon’ incited numerous mosh pits; chaotic in contrast with the slower ‘Exoskeleton’, which saw Mattie step into middle of the crowd.

The intimacy of the venue only made the energy more concentrated, as the ever-familiar chants of ‘Yorkshire!’ filled the room.

An Oasis singalong ensued in the encore, before stepping into the final song of the night ‘Fly-By Alien’. One last frenzy of energy erupted, soundtracked by roaring guitars, thundering drums and anthemic choruses.

VANT are well and truly back.

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