Soundtracked – January 19th

Here are some of the recent song releases we’ve been enjoying at LDOI. All songs featured can be found in the Spotify playlist linked at the bottom of the page (updated weekly).

*TRACK OF THE WEEK*: You Don’t Have To Be Lonely – The Undercover Dream Lovers

Chilled synth, breezy vocals and zesty guitar riffs join together to craft a slick modern take on 80’s dance pop. FFO: Daft Punk

Are You Gonna Be Okay – Stray Fossa

Soft pop with hazy instrumentals and lo-fi vocals, finished with glittering hints of synth. FFO: Vansire

I Don’t Really Know – Loose Buttons

Indie rock with quick bursts of energy, packed with rolling riffs and fuzzy harmonies. FFO: The Strokes

Look Good Feel Good – RX Soul

Smooth vocals backed by sweet guitar notes and golden harmonies. FFO: The Weeknd

1995 – phobia quartet

Spirited indie rock with blazing guitar riffs and dynamic hooks. FFO: Vistas

The Way We Thought – The Outset

Subtle vocals layered over subdued piano notes and a gentle beat. FFO: LANY

I Don’t Know – Matthew Tanner

Heavy riffs with gritty vocals and heartfelt lyrics, packed with raw energy. FFO: Twin Atlantic

As My Head Hit The Ground – Joe by the Book

Colourful rock with resounding guitars and mellow vocals. FFO: FUR

Banshee – Talk Show

Echoing instrumentals with striking riffs and broad vocals. FFO: Fontaines DC

SG Lou – Luca Dohr

Mellow vocals layered over delicate guitars, and completed with a tender lo-fi finish.

Ok2Cry – JYN

Fuzzy synth with subdued vocals, bursting into vibrant pop hooks. FFO: Arlo Parks

SADDERDAYS – Guy Margalit

Cloudy pop with hazy vocals and soothing instrumentals. FFO: Boy Pablo

Big Red Button – Fragile Creatures

Lively indie rock with tireless riffs and snappy hooks. FFO: Miles Kane

It Helped – Yakima

Sunny guitars with fuzz-filled harmonies and a cool vintage touch. FFO: The Lemon Twigs

Listen to the playlist here:

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