Fever discuss playing live, musical influences, and how they started out

Fever are an upcoming indie rock band from Hull, signed to Very Clever Records. I spoke to Mitchell, the band’s lead guitarist, to find out a little bit more about who the band are.

Discussing how members of the band first got into music, Mitchell said “When me and James first became friends at the start of secondary school, he would always recommend albums for me to listen to, so then we could have a good review of said album next time we were in English class together. Eventually it inspired us to pick up guitars and make music ourselves.”

A number of years later, this love of music led to the beginning of Fever, with Mitchell noting that “it did take almost another ten years, countless other bands and meeting Charley & Joe, before we got to the point where we are now.”

Mitchell cites The Coral and The White Stripes as some of the band’s main inspirations, saying “I’d say we all have our own personal favourites that we like to dip into and mix into the band as a whole. For me personally it’s The Strokes, Joe’s would be Arctic Monkeys/Matt Helders and James & Charley’s would be The Beatles for sure.”

Mitchell states that the band “don’t have a solid formula” when it comes to creating music, “but for the majority of the time James will put forward a melody and/or lyrics and we’ll work together to fill in the blanks. It’ll twist and change from there, as more ideas are put forward as a collective. We won’t dwell on a song either if it’s not going nowhere, we will usually put it on the back burner and come back to it with a fresh set of ears.”

Photo by @mandgphotographic

The band are about to embark on a tour with This Feeling in February, and are set to play a show in Hull later this month. Mitchell described the transition from the studio to the live stage as “rather seamless” – mentioning that the addition of a new member, Sam, on keys and backing vocals had helped: “The addition of this extra pair of hands (and voice) just means we can now really pull off tracks such as ‘Jungle Man’ live, without having to sacrifice any of the extra layers put on in the studio. We love you Sam!”

Fever’s debut single, ‘Jungle Man’ was released last year, and ‘Money Love’ is set to be their next single; released this Friday. Mitchell said that fans can expect “something a bit more heavier and guitar driven” from ‘Money Love’. “We want all our songs to be varied and to not feel like we’re repeating ourselves, but not so far away that they don’t know it’s us. It gets the crowd going when we play it live, so it’ll be great to finally see what the reaction is like for the recorded version.”

The band certainly have an exciting few months up ahead, but what can we expect from the rest of the year?

“At this moment in time we’re just concentrating on the release of ‘Money Love’ and getting ready for the Blossoms tour in March. We can’t give too much away at this point, but there shouldn’t be too much of a wait for new music from us throughout 2020!”

Watch the video for ‘Jungle Man’ here:

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