2020 vision: 20 artists to get excited about this year

2019 saw the likes of Sam Fender and Lewis Capaldi achieve arena tour status – but what will 2020 bring? Here at LDOI, we’ve compiled a short list of the artists we’re most buzzed about this year.

Afflecks Palace

Manchester four-piece Afflecks Palace have released three singles to date – and their debut EP ‘Hello, Is Anyone Awake’ is hot off the press. Flowing harmonies, rippling guitar notes and touches of reverb envelop around revolving melodies – crafting smooth psych-pop songs with a timeless feel.

Listen to this: ‘Forever Young’

Arlo Parks

Soulful instrumentals and ethereal vocals, layered with poetic lyricism and tender hooks, London based Arlo Parks pairs gorgeous melodies with delicate poetry. Her latest EP ‘Sophie’ was released in 2019, and she’s set to head out on a headline tour in March this year.

Listen to this: ‘George’


Exquisite vocals backed by subdued piano-based melodies – Celeste places sincere lyrics upon jazz-influenced instrumentals, crafting a sweet collection of tracks packed with rolling harmonies and soul-filled hooks. Her latest track ‘Stop This Flame’ is vintage in style, but shines brightly with modern production.

Listen to this: ‘Strange’


Indie-rock quartet Fever released their debut single ‘Jungle Man’ at the end of last year. The band hint upon 60’s rock – rolling riffs and energetic vocals create a retro, yet modern, guitar heavy feel. The band are set to release their next single ‘Money Love’ next week, and are off on tour next month.

Listen to this: ‘Jungle Man’

Follow Deep

Hull band Follow Deep released their debut album in 2019 – packed with blazing riffs, thumping drums and energetic vocals, the four-piece bring a level of fieriness to every track. Lead single ‘Alive’ is incredibly catchy – dropping and rising between heavy guitars and slow hooks.

Listen to this: ‘Alive’

George Eve

Charming indie pop with swaying melodies, slick brass solos and charismatic vocals. Debut single ‘My Girl’ achieved thousands of Spotify streams, with two other singles; ‘One Track Mind’ and ‘Ready For It’ also being released in 2019.

Listen to this: ‘Ready For It’

Harry Mold

Power-driven vocals set over rich basslines and rising riffs – London based Harry Mold released two singles in 2019; both equally as energetic as the last. Fuelled by gritty guitars and relentless spirit, ‘Drain’ and ‘Python’ bring forward a refreshing new brand of guitar rock.

Listen to this: ‘Python’


Hazy vocals laid over colourful synth beats and sparkling piano notes, Jockstrap released their debut EP in 2018, followed up by a remix version in 2019. The duo toured with Injury Reserve at the end of last year.

Listen to this: ‘Hayley’


London based neo-soul artist JGrrey brings witty lyricism and mellow vocals upon jazzy guitar lines and smooth piano melodies. She toured with Billie Eilish last year, and released her debut EP ‘Grreydaze’.

Listen to this: ‘For Keeps’

Loose Buttons

Taking influences from bands such as The Strokes, NYC band Loose Buttons put soaring riffs and racing melodies into thumping anthemic tracks. Released in 2019 ‘Strangers In A Nightclub marked their first return to recorded music since the release of their EP ‘Sundays’ in 2017.

Listen to this: ‘Fell Into A Hole’

Love. Sophie

LA based Love, Sophie’s breezy vocals wrap effortlessly around soft guitar notes and soothing piano hooks. Her first single ‘Blush’ was released in November 2019, and has since amassed over 30,000 Spotify streams in just 2 months.

Listen to this: ‘Blush’

Martian Subculture

Limerick born indie artist Martian Subculture dives into a space-like odysseys of swirling riffs, fuzzy vocals and soft drums. His songs are laced with melancholy and nostalgia – golden melodies layered with spirited lyricism and a gentle charm.

Listen to this: ‘Lonely and Free’

Mary Sho

London based Mary Sho released two singles in 2019. Funk-filled basslines, sweet piano hooks and mellow vocals entwine freely into starry soul tracks, layered with glittering synth and zesty guitar riffs.  

Listen to this: ‘Black Girls’


Honey-like pop characterised by soulful vocals and cosy instrumentals, Raveena’s sweet R+B is destined to be played in the summer sunshine. Her debut record was released in 2019, and since then she completed a huge headline tour of the USA, and is set to appear at Coachella later on this year.

Listen to this: ‘Nectar’


Kaleidoscopic instrumentation with swirling guitars and gritty vocals, evolve into slick psychedelic anthems. Squid released a four track EP last year, and are set to head out on tour in March.

Listen to this: ‘Match Bet’

The New Consistent

Birmingham based artist The New Consistent puts poetic lyrics into subdued instrumentals, crafting authentic tracks filled with honest emotion. The musician played his first headline show at the end of 2019.

Listen to this: ‘3 Years’

The Wha

Pumped up riffs, turbulent drums and energy-driven vocals – Kilkenny based band The Wha bring influences from The Beatles to Alex Turner, crafting a neat modern sound with a bright classic touch.

Listen to this: ‘Innocents’

Van Houten

Indie pop group Van Houten released their debut record in 2019. Sincere lyricism, dreamy piano notes, and delicate guitar work is the backbone of the band’s first album – with tracks such as ‘Running Scared’ contrasting pensive lyrics surrounding mental health issues, with seemingly upbeat melodies.

Listen to this: ‘Ever Changing Light’


2020 is the year of the long-awaited second record from Mattie Vant. Last year saw four singles released – stepping away from the hard-hitting punkiness of the first record, and edging towards an alt-pop twist of hip-hop and rock. VANT’s debut album was released in 2017 – before the band undertook a year long hiatus.

Listen to this: ‘Exoskeleton’


Vibrant pop outfit WOOZE burst onto the scene last year, and have since stormed the small festival stage, after releasing their debut EP ‘what’s on your mind’. Their eclectic stage presence, colourful lyricism and catchy melodies have led them to be one of the most exciting new bands on the scene.

Listen to this; ‘Hello Can You Go’

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