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Coming Of Age – Mac Benson

The singer released his debut EP last month.

The ability to be so open and honest on a debut record is a brave step to take, but Mac Benson does just that.

Soft lyricism and mellow soundscapes define the entire EP, from the gentle openings of ‘Coming Of Age’, to standout track ‘Divine’.

Tales of falling in love and the pain of heartbreak are told through emotive imagery, layered with delicate vocals and sweet swirls of synth.

Encased in heavy melancholy, ‘Divine’ portrays the range of emotions that arise through a breakup, “I don’t wanna know if you’re going home if it’s not with me // And I don’t wanna know if some other guy’s singing you to sleep”. Meanwhile, ‘Bedsheets’ and ‘Home With Me’ are more uplifting, showcasing the happier sides of a relationship.

Latest single ‘Don’t Dance With Boys With Girlfriends’ brings together catchy hooks and twinges of sadness, with a subdued piano outro bringing the EP to a powerful close.

Listen to the EP here:

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