Soundtracked – December 15th

Here are some of the recent song releases we’ve been enjoying at LDOI. All songs featured can be found in the Spotify playlist linked at the bottom of the page (updated weekly).

Fell Into A Hole – Loose Buttons

Energy-driven indie rock with fuzzy vocals and blazing riffs. FFO: The Strokes

Saturday Song – Keplar

Soft guitar notes and gently soulful vocals blend over dreamy harmonies. FFO: Yellow Days

Fall Apart – Alfie Firmin

Warm instrumentals, mellow vocals, and hazy production fuse into a sweet wintery track. FFO: Crumb

arm & hammer – maxime.

Distant vocals and subtle guitars create a finespun, yet bright track. FFO: Hippo Campus

Ringo – Ring Them Bells

Swirling riffs and smoky vocals drift into a psychedelia-filled dream. FFO: Pond

Puppy Dog – Dreamer Boy

Sunny pop with a lo-fi edge, packed with reverberating riffs and rolling harmonies. FFO: Mac Demarco

Heavy Heads – The Hazy Seas

Twinkling guitar hooks and airy vocals completed with a sweet lo-fi production. FFO: Homeshake

The Back Door – Psychobuildings

Vibrant pop packed with shimmering instrumentals and echoing harmonies. FFO: Babe Rainbow

so light – niko rose

Golden lo-fi beats with softened vocals and delicate guitar notes. FFO: Vansire

In The Air – L.A.B.

Chilled out surf rock with raw vocals and soulful touches. FFO: Ocean Alley

Listen to the playlist here:

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