Monthly Picks

November Favourites

Our favourite tracks from this month.

Here are seven tracks we’ve loved this month.

*TRACK OF THE MONTH*: Blush – Love, Sophie

Floaty pop with breezy vocals and a rippling melody. FFO: Clairo

In The Cards – Liquid Time

Groovy indie rock packed with cosmic guitar and swirling synth. FFO: Tame Impala

Something Better – Loose Buttons

Combining early 2000s indie rock with a fresh modern feel, Loose Buttons bring bright summery anthems to cold autumnal days. FFO: The Strokes

Loan Shark – Humble Digs

Pumped up indie rock with swirling riffs and hazy vocals. FFO: Hippo Campus

Show Me Love – Oh He Dead

Sunny riffs and soulful vocals, backed by a sweet melody and soft summer vibes. FFO: Amy Winehouse

Special mentions:

Watermelon Sugar – Harry Styles

I Missed Out – Hockey Dad

Listen to the playlist here:

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