Soundtracked – November 24th

Here are some of the recent song releases we’ve been enjoying at LDOI. All songs featured can be found in the Spotify playlist linked at the bottom of the page (updated weekly).

Show Me Love – Oh He Dead

Sunny riffs and soulful vocals, backed by a sweet melody and soft summer vibes. FFO: Amy Winehouse

16 – Highly Suspect

Driven vocals layered over gospel-like harmonies and delicate strings. FFO: grandson

No Messiah – Skinny Living

Heartfelt lyrics and stirring vocals, placed over a subtle yet powerful piano instrumental. FFO: James Morrison

Selling Out – Drauve

Twinkling melody paired with dreamy vocals, backed by a gentle beat. FFO: Night Café

Craigslist Personals – WRENN

Quiet build up into a powerful finale, bursting with mighty vocals and a fierce melody. FFO: PVRIS

Come Around – Corella

Energetic indie rock with anthemic choruses and vivid riffs. FFO: The Night Cafe

Yello / Concrete – BIRTHH

Authentic lyrics and lulling vocals, backed by a subtle yet enticing melody. FFO: Clairo

hiccups (as an adult) – maxime.

Vibrant pop with chilled instrumentals and a sweet summery hit. FFO: Temporex

Wait For Me – Pokal

Funky bass line lays behind dreamy vocals and soft piano keys. FFO: Vansire

Sleepyhead – Bronte Public Housing

Rosy acoustically driven pop with tender vocals and quiet echoes of riffs. FFO: Cage the Elephant

Familiar Ways – Mute Choir

Groovy guitars layered over deep bass tones and breezy vocals. FFO: Foster the People

Static – Amongst Echoes

Gritty guitar riffs and a thumping drum beat, with upbeat vocals and wave-like synth. FFO: DECO

My Darkness – Stereo Honey

Indie pop with dance influences, and a slick 80s meets 2000s feel. FFO: Blossoms

Tan Honda – computer science

Crackling pop filled with hazy vocal tones and airy guitar riffs. FFO: Boy Pablo

Listen to the playlist here:

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