October Favourites

Seven great tracks we loved last month.


Combining rolling guitar riffs with mellow harmonies, ‘Jungle Man’ hints upon 60s rock, whilst retaining a fresh, modern day feel. FFO: Blossoms

Feature photo credit: Patrick Mate

About It – Brantwood

Soft basement rock with a mellow lo-fi edge. FFO: Mac Demarco

Vari – The Lutras

Cozy indie rock with raw vocals and an anthemic feel. FFO: Sam Fender

Dangerous – Jon Vinyl

Smoothed out pop with touches of soul, packed with gorgeous harmonies, funky riffs, and rich basslines.

Help Me Out – Johnny Kills

High-spirited rock packed full of glowing riffs and fiery drums. FFO: Hockey Dad

Invitation – COUSIN KULA

Funked up rock with hints of psychedelia and a swirling melody. FFO: Tame Impala

Feelings – Treasure ft Maggy Lee

Ethereal vocals placed over a subtle yet dazzling melody. FFO: Clairo

Listen to the Monthly Favourites playlist here:

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