Soundtracked – November 2nd

Here are some of the recent song releases we’ve been enjoying at LDOI. All songs featured can be found in the Spotify playlist linked at the bottom of the page (updated weekly).

*TRACK OF THE WEEK*: In The Cards – Liquid Time

Groovy indie rock packed with cosmic guitar and swirling synth. FFO: Tame Impala

Architect – Glass Peaks

Glowing indie rock with sizzling riffs and soft vocals. FFO: The Amazons

Chattanooga – Briston Maroney

Mellow vocals layered over screaming riffs and firing drums. FFO: Circa Waves

Spill Your Drink On Me – The Odd Neighbourhood

Starry pop with dream-like vocals and echoing synth sounds. FFO: Toro y Moi

Canals – Highly Suspect

Broad shouldered riffs with power driven vocals and a thumping drum beat. FFO: Royal Blood

Lifetime In A Touch – Jackie

Funky rock packed with flashy riffs and polished vocals. FFO: Passion Pit

Breakdown – Matt Ryder

Soft pop with soothing vocals and a gentle lo-fi feel. FFO: Vansire

Lost In Nostalgia – Tasha Angela

Gorgeous vocals backed by dulcet piano tones and sugary guitar riffs. FFO: Jorja Smith

Weather – Space Tyger

Dreamy vocals placed over a cloud-like melody. FFO: Homeshake

It’s A Trip – Trunky Juno

Fuzzy pop with hazy vocals and rich synth tones. FFO: Boy Pablo

Face – Lyfe Indoors

Calming pop with a subtle, yet sweet melody, and velvety vocals. FFO: Vansire

Listen to the playlist here:

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