Soundtracked – Oct 19th

Here are some of the recent song releases we’ve been enjoying at LDOI. All songs featured can be found in the Spotify playlist linked at the bottom of the page (updated weekly).


Funked up rock with hints of psychedelia and a swirling melody. FFO: Tame Impala

Shotgun – Majak Door

Fuzzy vocals overlay starry riffs and dreamy harmonies. FFO: Peach Pit

Feeling Tired – Grand Sun

Alt rock with a sweet old-skool feel, vintage riffs and sunny vocals interlace into a hazy warmth. FFO: The Kinks

Roller Coaster – THE JUNGLES!!!

Shouty rock brimming with a punk-like energy and blazing guitars. FFO: Slaves

Hollow Sound – The Satellite Station

Gentle piano led melody paired with soft vocals and heartfelt lyrics. FFO: The American Authors

Breathe In – Tin Pigeons

Smooth vocals accompanied by a funky bassline and zesty guitar riffs. FFO: The 1975

Heartstrings – STIIR

Sugary harmonies backed by a laidback melody and bright synth. FFO: Easy Life, Bad Sounds

Every Little Thing – BoomChild

Soulful groove packed with spicy basslines, suave vocals and hot synth. FFO: AndersonPaak

Away – The Black Bees

Delicate vocals paired with golden riffs, erupting into a heavier burst of energy. FFO: James Morrison

I’m Alright – Little Triggers

A frenzy of thumping drums, heavy riffs, and power-driven vocals. FFO: Pretty Vicious

Blueness Is A Heavy Stone – Cavalcade

Emotive lyrics layered with fiery riffs and raw vocals. FFO: No Hot Ashes

Dumb Thing – LOCALS

Punk infused rock oozing with fuzz and drive. FFO: Hockey Dad

Moving – Bud Kelsey

Nostalgia instilled soft rock with hazy riffs and wistful lyrics. FFO: Randy Newman

Sun, Sand, and Chicken Salt – Verbrasco

Mellow pop with dream-like harmonies and sun-kissed synth. FFO: Vansire

I’ll Be Fine – LELO

Synth-led melody layered with sparkling riffs and a velvety bassline. FFO: Troye Sivan

Beef Baby – The Lids

Anthemic indie rock with gloomy riffs and a pounding drum beat. FFO: The Amazons

Making It Last – Hearing Aid Beige

Hazy vocals backed by gentle guitar notes and a muted beat. FFO: Banes World

Late Night Feeling – Basement Club

Euphoric indie rock with a vibrant melody and spirited vocals. FFO: The Night Cafe

New Colors – Cade Eliason

Authentic lyrics over soft vocals and a sweet guitar melody. FFO: Rex Orange County

Make Fire – The Morning Yells

Warm acoustic rock, full of cozy riffs and soothing vocals. FFO: Tom Walker

Five Foot Vice – The Florets

Fuzz-filled vocals over pulsing basslines and sturdy guitar riffs. FFO: The Black Keys.

Listen to the playlist here:

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