Soundtracked – Oct 12th

Here are some of the recent song releases we’ve been enjoying at LDOI. All songs featured can be found in the Spotify playlist linked at the bottom of the page (updated weekly).

*TRACK OF THE WEEK*: Help Me Out – Johnny Kills

High-spirited rock packed full of glowing riffs and fiery drums. FFO: Hockey Dad

Same Skies – Phil Madeley

Raw vocals erupt into a frenzy of rolling guitar riffs and gritty lyrics. FFO: Sam Fender, Paolo Nutini

Tennessee – Martini Police

Lo-fi vocals backed by a soft melody, filled with gentle fuzz and twanging guitar. FFO: Temporex

Symmetry – SYML

Subtle melody leans against beautifully understated vocals, backed by a delicate string section. FFO: Jack Garratt

Third Dimensional Love – Magon

Grooving bassline grouped with howling riffs and gloomy vocals. FFO: King Gizzard

Forest Flash – V.A.L.

Dark psychedelic pop brimming with fuzzy riffs and cloudy vocals. FFO: King Gizzard

Serious – Sleep Council

Anthemic indie rock packed full of energetic riffs and vocals, reminiscent of festival-packed summers. FFO: Circa Waves

How Could You Be Okay – Hanna Searl

Airy vocals backed by tender piano notes and soft harmonies. FFO: Jade Bird

You Are Gold – Ryan Innes

Soulful vocals layered over funky instrumentals and suave riffs. FFO: Stevie Wonder

Stay – Dancing On Tables

Slow verses fall into choruses teeming with melancholy, backed by a subtle melody and faint harmonies. FFO: Biffy Clyro

Starry Eyed Kids – Natalie Walker

Stellar pop with dreamy vocals and a cosmic melody. FFO: Passion Pit

Electric Girl – Margot Polo

Glossy melody filled with sparkling synth and topped with polished vocals. FFO: Justin Timberlake

Reasons – Travel With The Sun

Broad shouldered pop with gloomy synth and power-driven vocals. FFO: King No-One

She Wants To See You Cry – Nature TV

Mellow vocals intertwined with warm guitar notes and soft harmonies. FFO: Leo Stannard

Overgrown – DEYO

Gentle vocals backed by sweet harmonies and feathery synth. FFO: The 1975

Listen to the playlist here:

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