Soundtracked – October 5th

Here are some of the recent song releases we’ve been enjoying at LDOI. All songs featured can be found in the Spotify playlist linked at the bottom of the page (updated weekly).

*TRACK OF THE WEEK*: Dangerous – Jon Vinyl

Smoothed out pop with touches of soul, packed with gorgeous harmonies, funky riffs, and rich basslines.

Highly Anticipated Season Closer – Prince Of Sweden

Relatable lyrics sung by soothing vocals, paired with a delicate guitar melody. FFO: Sam Fender

Jetfuel – Jelani Aryeh

Soft flowing pop with authentic lyrics, gentle vocals, and sweet riffs. FFO: Rex Orange County

The Bat Signal – Stevie Zita

Swirling riffs intertwined with dreamy vocals and dulcet synth tones. FFO: Temporex, Tame Impala

Sweet and Sour – Gabacho

Summery guitar tones dance around low-fi vocals and an upbeat melody. FFO: Mac Demarco

Python – Harry Mold

Immense vocals drive over glowing riffs and blazing drums. FFO: Black Keys

Done Dreaming – Fever Joy

Catchy indie pop with glossy vocals and fleshy bass tones. FFO: Kid Astray

If I Could See You Now – Steve Garvin

Injected with melancholy, ‘If I Could See You Now’ brings together mellow vocals, somber piano notes, and delicate synth. FFO: The Lemon Twigs

Just For The Weekend – The Criticals

Energetic indie rock bursting full of sunny riffs and pining lyrics. FFO: Hockey Dad

Walky Walk – Boogie Mango

Groovy guitar tones meet fuzzy harmonies and cozy synthy beats. FFO: Vansire

Seven or Eleven – The Hubbards

Cloudy pop with gloomy riffs and a tumbling melody. FFO: Jaws

Save It For The Weekend – Skeggs

Surf rock with punk undertones, full of fiery guitar and lively vocals. FFO: Hockey Dad

You In Education – The Curious Incident

Buoyant indie pop brimming with bubbly riffs and an addictive melody. FFO: Indoor Pets

You Are A Monster – Stereo Honey

Striking rock with bold instrumentals and power-driven vocals. FFO: The Amazons

King Of Books – Rungs

Bright electro-pop with a glossy vocals and a glowing 80s touch. FFO: Clairo

Everything Is Just A Mess – The Brook and The Bluff

Dreamy vocals layered over a gently swirling melody. FFO: Vansire

Come Fine Me – Calson ft Minute Medium

Groovy melody paired with fuzzy vocals and glittering riffs. FFO: Mac Demarco

You Get So Alone Sometimes – HOAX

Raw vocals and honest lyrics backed by a tender guitar melody. FFO: Yellow Days

Drifting On A Cloud – poolhouse

Mellow vocals intertwined with a lulling melody, flow into a soft psychedelic-esque tune. FFO: FUR

Palm – Margaux

Sunny sounding shoegaze pop with warming vocals and a golden melody. FFO: Rex Orange County

Is This Real? – Mojave Nomads

Funky pop with suave vocals and a catchy guitar hook. FFO: Bad Sounds

Listen to the playlist here:

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