September Favourites

Seven great tracks we loved last month:

*TRACK OF THE MONTH* : Keep Smiling – Swimming With Bears

Funky indie rock with slick vocals, groovy riffs, and an addictive chorus. FFO: Franz Ferdinand

Ocean – Plants

Psychedelic rock meets 90’s dance pop – packed with gorgeous swirling riffs and dreamy vocals. FFO: Tame Impala, Jamiroquai

Calimournia – Lizzy Gunn

Mellow vocals accompanied by a sweet saxophone instrumental, layered with gentle guitar notes and lo-fi beats. FFO: Amy Winehouse

Before It Goes Dark – Sarpa Salpa

Funky melody peppered with sparkling riffs and glossy vocals. FFO: The 1975, No Hot Ashes

Special mentions:

SUGAR – Brockhampton

Saturday – Sam Fender

Into the Surf – Foals

Listen to the Monthly Favourites playlist below:

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