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archmotors release video for ‘Sitcom’

Ireland duo archmotors release video for 'Sitcom'.

Blending gloomy riffs and dark vocals, ‘Sitcom’ is cleverly compelling. The music video accompanies the track perfectly, inserting 90s video game nostalgia into a humorous commentary of the society we live in.

The band state that “Sitcom is essentially a take on the modern pursuit of narcissism as entertainment. It’s asking where our insatiable appetite for a celebration of the self is taking us, and if this monoculture really has the effect of homogenising instead of liberating us: now you can express yourself any way you want as long as it’s a smiley. It’s a modern opiate of the masses and it is very useful for those driving the train. It’s fordism, it’s newspeak, and maybe it should be talked about. It’s the bleakest of prognosis. All you can do is laugh.

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