SOUNDTRACKED – September 20th

Here are some of the recent song releases we’ve been enjoying at LDOI. All songs featured can be found in the Spotify playlist linked at the bottom of the page (updated bi-weekly).

*TRACK OF THE WEEK*: Ocean – Plants

Psychedelic rock meets 90’s dance pop – packed with gorgeous swirling riffs and dreamy vocals. FFO: Tame Impala, Jamiroquai

Serious – Sleep Council

Upbeat indie rock erring into psychedelia, filled with sky-high riffs and a fresh energy. FFO: Foals

Same Friends – Florence Rose

Groovy pop with a thumping bass line and polished vocals. FFO: Passion Pit, Magic Man

Young Again // Bones – The Bergamot

In both tracks from their album, The Bergamot mix rich vocals with gently swaying melodies, packed with sweet riffs and soft beats. FFO: Vistas, The Night Café

Skyscrapers – Vern Matz

Melancholic soft rock with subdued riffs and light vocals. FFO: Swimming Tapes, Far Caspian

Blue – Dandy Deniz

Sweet pop melody layered with groovy synth and serene vocals. FFO: Temporex, Vansire

The Future – sunset moonset

Sunny pop pairing upbeat melodies with velvety vocals. FFO: Foster the People

Glorious Conformity – The 88s

Fuzzy rock bursting with sizzling riffs and breezy vocals. FFO: Circa Waves

madness – moodring

Laidback cloudy pop with hazy vocals and a serene melody. FFO: Clairo, Cuco

Between You and Me – Norbert Lukacs

Sweet indie pop with echoing vocals and an 80’s disco touch. FFO: Temporex, Mac Demarco

Body Dance – Mr Oud

Twisting elements of dance pop with subtle hints of hip hop, and backed by cool synth beats. FFO: Bad Sounds

going thru changes – joey maxwell

Soft vocals paired with a sugar-coated melody and sweet riffs make perfect end of summer listening. FFO: Easy Life, Rex Orange County

Something About You – rx soul

Mixing smooth soul and gentle indie-electro, ‘Something About You’ pairs a swaying melody with raw, passionate vocals. FFO: Yellow Days, Bad Sounds

Anger and Figureheads – Nallo

Charging riffs and bright vocals ascend into a summery indie rock tune. FFO: Foals, Circa Waves

Do to Me – Cherokee Death Cats

Raw vocals backed by a mighty bassline jump into a frenzy of zipping guitars and bolting drums. FFO: Slaves

Happily Sinking Heart – Mother Sun

Fuzzing riffs, mellow vocals, and soft drums encased in a golden haze. FFO: The Black Keys, Jack White

Listen to the playlist here:

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