Soundtracked – August 28

Here are some of the recent song releases we’ve been enjoying at LDOI. All songs featured can be found in the Spotify playlist linked at the bottom of the page (updated bi-weekly).


Laidback pop with velvety vocals and a glossy melody. FFO: Childish Gambino, Tame Impala

Take Me 2 – Young Clancy

Soulful funk with a smoothed out retro feel, and hints of low-fi groove. FFO: Easy Life

Dive – The Parlor

Undulating riffs dance around breezy vocals, backed by a golden melody. FFO: Clairo, Billie Eilish

This Town – Funny Face House

Soaring riffs paired with high-powered choruses and hints of psychedelia. FFO: The Garden, Psychedelic Crumpets

you – mid season sale

Catchy lyrics enhanced by mellow vocals, and backed by a honey-sweet melody. FFO: Boy Pablo, Clairo

Faulty Paradise – Guido Antonucci

Neat guitar riffs suspended over tight basslines, and placed next to fuzzy vocals. FFO: Tame Impala

New Love – Yeti Ghetto

Soft indie rock with glowing harmonies and subdued guitar notes. FFO: Hockey Dad, Skeggs

I’ve Done It Again – AGAT

Gloomy pop packed with fuzzy bass riffs and contrasted by gentle vocals. FFO: Billie Eilish, Muse

I Got Time – CHAD

Glistening indie pop with haze-filled harmonies and sailing riffs. FFO: Clairo

Big Mouth – Strange Foliage

Spiralling punk rock filled with rolling riffs and a driving energy. FFO: Hockey Dad, The Chats

She Was Sitting There – Parapluie

Ambient indie pop with subtle vocals and soft touches of synth. FFO: Temporex

Listen to the playlist here:

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