Soundtracked – August 9th

Here are some of the recent song releases we’ve been enjoying at LDOI. All songs featured can be found in the Spotify playlist linked at the bottom of the page (updated bi-weekly).

*FEATURED TRACK*: wont you stay – birdtunes

Chilled out guitar notes, dreamy vocals, and a tranqualizing melody. FFO: Yellow Days, Good Morning

Before It Goes Dark – Sarpa Salpa

Upbeat, groovy indie pop with funky synth, perfect for a summer evening. FFO: Circa Waves, No Hot Ashes, Foals

Pretty Girl From Brewerton – Cooled Jets

Fuzzy indie rock with smooth vocals and a dancey melody, ending with a psychedelic vibe. FFO: Tame Impala

My Father, My Mother, My Sisters, My Lover.. – TEARS

Soulful indie pop with a melancholic tone, portrayed through sleepy guitar riffs and a quiet beat. FFO: Tom Grennan, Tom Walker

Who Really Cares – Soul Civillian

Sweet refrains and savory vocals paired with dreamy guitar and subtle percussion. FFO: Vansire, Yellow Days

Straw Man – Mother Sun

Waves of sunny riffs, mellow vocals, and all-round tropical vibes, backed by a 12-string guitar. FFO: Mac Demarco, Boy Pablo

Polvo – Halfloves

Hazy pop with laidback piano notes, sweet vocals, and soft riffs. FFO: Vansire

Shy and Unappealing – Thelma Ball

Vintage indie rock with lively riffs, fuzz-filled vocals and a tireless melody. FFO: The Strokes, The Smiths

I Am Cold – Bears In Trees

Cheery indie rock with fizzing riffs and a bright melody. FFO: Circa Waves, The Wombats

ball’s gonna keep on rollin’ – Pizzagirl

Modern synthy pop with a smooth 80’s feel, paired with glittering jazzy flavours. FFO: Gus Dapperton, Clairo

Getting Real – Keanu Reefs ft Smba

Summery groovy pop with a slick rap verse and sparkling riffs. FFO: Easy Life, Bad Sounds

Why Stay Away – Shubhangi Josh Collective

Smooth jazz-coated pop with glossy vocals and soft strings. FFO: Jorja Smith, Kali Uchis

Clementine – Tincho

‘Clementine’ is packed with soft melodies and mellow vocals, and topped off with a sweet optimistic tone. FFO: Wallows

Sugar Coat – Joel Ansett

Smooth indie pop with a suave touch and an addictive feel. FFO: Daniel Powter, James Morrison, Tom Odell

Beckon Call – Jack Goldstein

Lo-fi pop with hints of psychedelia and luminous summery riffs. FFO: Bad Sounds

Lemon Sharks – Gravity Circus

Pastel coloured indie pop with hazy harmonies and a cloudy melody. FFO: Milky Chance, Giant Rooks

Speak Easy – Bridal Party

Indie pop with a funky twist – toe-tapping fuzz backed by a vibrant melody. FFO: Easy Life

Wysteria – Nordista Freeze

Lo-fi sepia rock full of blurry vintage feels and delicate riffs. FFO: FUR, The Lemon Twigs

Let’s Get Out – Margot Polo

Glittery indie rock sprinkled with synth and slick bass riffs. FFO: Kid Astray, Foster the People

Reach the Moon – Grand Commander

Cosmic pop packed with star-gazing synth and a space-like melody. FFO: King Gizzard

The Ceiling – Dionysia

Brimming with groovy bass riffs and polished vocals, and topped off with a sweet saxophone solo. FFO: No Hot Ashes, Easy Life

Listen here:

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