July Favourites

Nine great tracks we’ve been loving this month:

Casanova – Sarpa Salpa

Funky indie rock brimming with energetic riffs, catchy choruses and zestful drums. FFO: No Hot Ashes

Play Any Games – Modern Native

Indie pop with a groovy touch, subtle hints of synth, and slick guitar riffs. FFO: Bad Sounds

Panic Street Again – The Garage Flowers

Slicing riffs and thundering drums erupt into a turbulent track. FFO: The Chats

N2U – Motion Trap

Groovy electronic melody, packed with glossy synth and smooth vocals. FFO: Two Door Cinema Club

Ready For It – George Eve

Charming indie pop with catchy lyrics and an unmissably cool horn section. FFO: Bad Sounds, Easy Life

Rude Boys – The New Consistent

Charming poetry discussing struggles of depression and addiction, backed by a soft piano track. FFO: Loyle Carner, The Streets

Lizard Boy – Kape Yeel

Funky, psychedelic track with an intriguingly eccentric vibe and an equally far-out video. FFO: King Gizzard, Gorillaz

U – Akande

Groovy electro beat with with polished vocals and sleek guitar riffs. FFO: Temporex, Inner Wave, Michael Seyer

Black Friday – Frog

Simplistic, summery indie pop, with an old-skool vibe. FFO: FUR, The Lemon Twigs

Listen to the playlist here:

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