Soundtracked – August 2nd

Here are some of the recent song releases we’ve been enjoying at LDOI. All songs featured can be found in the Spotify playlist linked at the bottom of the page (updated bi-weekly).

*FEATURED TRACK*: In Another Life – Hanna Searl

Like a soundtrack to an indie romance movie, ‘In Another Life’ brings out an emotional vulnerability, backed by delicate piano sounds. FFO: Freya Ridings, Billie Eilish

Dog Door – Leopard Tuesday

Dreamy synth and sweet vocals, matched with melancholic lyrics. FFO: Acid Ghost, Dream Ivory

No Signal – Sunset Couriers

Energetic indie rock with an optimistic tone and sunny riffs. FFO: The Wallows, Calpurnia

Loaded Gun – Little Triggers

Biting riffs with a blues edge, paired with slick vocals and shattering drums. FFO: Royal Blood, Demob Happy

Something (Wasn’t Working) – Jakb

Euphoric indie pop with neat reverb and cool synth. FFO: Gus Dapperton, infinite bisous

Ride – MILKK

A juicy melody and slick hip-hop beats, bursting with a cool summery vibe. FFO: Temporex, 落日飛車 Sunset Rollercoaster

It’s Something I Do – Frog

Upbeat indie rock, with simple riffs, mellow vocals and a vintage feel. FFO: FUR, The Lemon Twigs

I Was Never Right For You – Bright Orange Spectacle

Synthy indie rock with a kaleidoscope of sounds and a real 80’s feel. FFO: Blossoms, Sundara Karma

Younger Hunger – Straight Face

Sunny pop with fuzzy vocals, a jazzy melody and a toe-tapping beat. FFO: Bad Sounds, Easy Life

Lemonhead – Kid Bloom

Dancey pop full of funk, synth, and groovy guitar riffs. FFO: Foster the People, Passion Pit

Calm – Secret Shame

Packed with a dark ambience, and full of gloomy riffs and murky vocals. FFO: Wolf Alice, Black Honey

If You Love Me – Liimo

Glossy pop with chilled out synth, slick vocals, and sparkling piano notes. FFO: Troye Sivan, ZAYN

Dim the Light – The Harmaleighs

Euphoric pop with delicate vocals and a soft melody, paired with soothing harmonies and a chilled out atmosphere. FFO: Lorde, Troye Sivan

California Sun – Family Jools

Biting riffs, thrashing drums, belting choruses, matched with an exciting raw energy. FFO: The Blinders, Twin Atlantic


Loud, powerful, and unrelenting. ‘Strongman’ is packed with slicing riffs and torrents of energy. FFO: The Blinders, Slaves

At Ease – Swim

Floaty pop with dream-like synth and soothing tones, backed by a chilled out, glittering melody. FFO: Still Woozy, Boy Pablo

Covered in Dreams – Deportees

Indie rock with an 80’s touch – synth, sweet harmonies, and bursts of heavy riffs, paired with smooth vocals. FFO: The 1975, Pale Waves

Modern Times (Don’t Let Me Down)

60’s influenced rock with modern flavours – smooth riffs and vintage vibes. FFO: The Beatles, The Libertines

Take You To The Wild – Don’t Believe In Ghosts

Euphoric build up into a bright chorus, with sweet vocals and a fizzing melody. FFO: Passion Pit, Kid Astray

Be Gone – The Racer

Calm indie pop with serene vocals and a hushed melody. FFO: Manchester Orchestra

Nothing To See – Slideshow

Fuzzy rock with glistening riffs, lo-fi vocals and a summery groove. FFO: Wallows, Vansire

You Should Run – Astrina

Sunlit pop with polished vocals and a catchy chorus. FFO: Broods, Muna

Silk Decay – Soft Lashes

Upbeat shoegaze pop with subtle psychaedelic hits and a beach-side feel. FFO: Tame Impala, Mac Demarco

Listen to the playlist here:

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