Soundtracked – July 31st

Here are some of the recent song releases we’ve been enjoying at LDOI. All songs featured can be found in the Spotify playlist linked at the bottom of the page (updated bi-weekly).

*FEATURED TRACK*: Rude Boys – The New Consistent

Charming poetry discussing struggles of depression and addiction, backed by a soft piano track. FFO: Loyle Carner, The Streets

Feature photo credit: Andrew Busby

Lazy – Skunch

Rambunctious riffs and raucous drums matched with heavy vocals. FFO: Slaves, Lady Bird

Interlude – Baseball Gregg (ft High Sunn)

Gorgeous lo-fi pop with a calm melody and mellow vocals. FFO: Acid Ghost, Triathlon

The Longest Month Of The Year – STEPHAN

Relaxed bedroom pop with a laidback melody and chill vibes. FFO: Still Woozy, Temporex

Watering The Garden – Brad Stank

Fuzzy pop with a hazy vocals and a radiant melody, emitting a sweet sunshine feeling. FFO: Mac Demarco, Boy Pablo

Anastasia – Stevie Zita

Flavours of 80’s pop combined with fuzz and groovy riffs. FFO: Boy Pablo, Cuco

Thank God!! – Tribe Friday

Energetic indie rock with rocketing riffs and charismatic vocals. FFO: The Kooks, The Strokes

Amy, Run For The Hills – courtship

Smooth pop with suave harmonies, fuzzy guitar, and a luminous melody. FFO: Easy Life, Bad Sounds

Secrets – Dante Mazzeti

Jazzy indie rock with hints of funk and soul, raw vocals, and an effortlessly smooth guitar riff. FFO: Gavin DeGraw, Daniel Poulter

Ready For It – George Eve

Charming indie pop with catchy lyrics and an unmissably cool horn section. FFO: Bad Sounds, Easy Life

Got 2 Luv It – Keon Masters

Indie pop infused with groovy notes and upbeat guitar licks. FFO: Vampire Weekend, Foster the People

Loyal – RAEYA

Starry-eyed pop with honey-like vocals and an ambient melody. FFO: Jorja Smith, Billie Eilish, Lorde

Fucked Society – Picsel

Fiery punk rock contemplating the society we live in, through blazing riffs and heated drums. FFO: Slaves, The Garden

This Morning, Yesterday – Keren Ilan

Nostalgic indie pop instilled with melancholy, paired with a calm piano notes and delicate vocals. FFO: Sigrid, Lorde

Thinking Of You – Laurent Bourque

Laidback melody with smooth vocals and gentle summery vibes. FFO: Cuco, Vansire

Frozen – Shiloh Hill

Optimistic indie rock with a tropical melody and a summer energy. FFO: Circa Waves, Vistas

I In The Centre Of Pride – Luna Rosa

Energetic rock with unrelenting riffs, thrashing drums, and fierce vocals. FFO: The Blinders, IDLES

In Someone Else’s Hands – Tacono Gate

Gloomy verses build up into powerful choruses, with roaring guitar and heavy drums. FFO: Royal Blood

It’ll All Come To Pass – Tacono Gate

Atmospheric rock with murky vocals and emphatic riffs. FFO: Radiohead

Like We Mean It – Maple and Beach

Dreamy synth pop with a sugar-sweet melody and polished vocals. FFO: Boy Pablo, Cuco

A Whispered Goodnight – Innes Wilson

Atmospheric indie rock with fuzzy vocals and soothing riffs. FFO: The Neighbourhood

Back to Dawn – Keanu Reefs

Gentle choruses and smooth verses matched with slick vocals and a laidback melody. FFO: Milky Chance, The Neighbourhood

You and Me are Dead – Radar & Satellite

Short but sweet with a whole lot of funk and fuzz. FFO: Mac Demarco, Wallows

Girls – Sugarloaf Beach

Laidback lo-fi pop with a hazy summer melody and cloudy vocals. FFO: Mac Demarco, Boy Pablo

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