Soundtracked – July 19th

Here are some of the recent song releases we’ve been enjoying at LDOI. All songs featured can be found in the Spotify playlist linked at the bottom of the page (updated daily).

*FEATURED TRACK*: What I Know – Disbanded

Toe-tapping beat, catchy lyrics and fuzzy guitar – ‘What I Know’ tells a narrative of change and destruction, placed upon an irresistible melody. FFO: Sports, Triathlon, BOYO

Feature photo credit: LJR Photography

Ash – Beach Bums

Cloudy, low-fi pop, with misty vocals and an optimistic energy. FFO: Temporex, Hippo Campus

All I Know – Black Beach Baby

Zesty melody with a tropical edge and smooth synthy sounds. FFO: Mild High Club, Vansire

Black Friday – Frog

Simplistic, summery indie pop, with an old-skool vibe. FFO: FUR, The Lemon Twigs

Loopy – Helga Arvesten

Floaty indie pop with an 80s feel, filled with love and emotion. FFO: Kate Bush, Bjork

Special – TyC Remix

TyC’s remix adds a cool electronic feel to the soulful R&B sound. without overworking the already intricate melody. FFO: Friendly Fires, Metronomy

In My Bed – Daniel Jensen (ft Lucaz Diego)

Light piano sounds contrast darker lyrics. FFO: Eden, Jimi Somewhere

Juwakn – Daniel Jensen

Gloomy lyrics masked by a sparkling melody. FFO: Jimi Somwhere, Kevin Abstract

Getting Through – Inspired and the Sleep

Electronic indie pop with glossy guitar riffs and sweet harmonies. FFO: Hippo Campus, Vista Kicks

Heavy Night – Tarot Youth

Desert rock and roll, bursting with sexy riffs – ideal for that road-trip playlist. FFO: Black Keys, Black Pistol Fire

Vibe With You – PORTEOUS

Slick pop with a funky swagger and groovy guitar riffs. FFO: Rex Orange County, Yellow Days, Foals

Expanse – Vraell

Delicate ambience, circling a sinous melody, paired with cloud-like vocals. FFO: Vansire, No Vacation

1984 – Young Braves

Euphoric indie pop with explosive guitar and mighty vocals. FFO: Foals, Circa Waves

Down – Jacob Seeger

Smooth funk-pop with mellow vocals. FFO: Justin Timberlake, Rex Orange County, Clairo

Baby She Roam – David Ellis

High-spirited, upbeat acoustic track with and gentle husky vocals. FFO: Miles Kane, The Beatles

Unaware/Ungrateful – HaleyJane Rose

Slow build up into a thumping chorus, packed with powerful vocals. FFO: Taylor Swift, Lorde

Big Winner – The C33s

Energetic indie rock, packed full of tireless riffs, hammering drums and fiery vocals. FFO: Catfish and the Bottlemen, Circa Waves

let’s start this over again – jean blu

Hazy vocals overlay a cloudy melody creating a dream-like tone. FFO: Billie Eilish, Sigrid

Go Home You’re Drunk – Chase Walsh

Funky indie pop with fuzzy guitar riffs and suave vocals, crafting an irresistibly catchy tune. FFO: Two Door Cinema Club, Bad Sounds

Redwood Tree – Jamie Drake

Beginning with a Disney-esque harmony, ‘Redwood Tree’ evolves into a cheery indie-pop song – creating fairy-tale-like dream land. FFO: Rex Orange County, Boy Pablo

Joyride – Adam Melchor

Optimistic, yet showing vulnerability ‘Joyride’ manages to sound both joyful, and wistful at the same time. FFO: Tom Grennan, Lewis Capaldi

L.A – The Bergamot

Oozing a breezy cinematic feel, ‘L.A’ is filled with emotion, portrayed via cloudy harmonies, and a soothing melody. FFO: Cage the Elephant, Mild High Club

Strangers – Twin Ritual

Upbeat indie rock with powerful, yet dreamy vocals, and elements of synth. FFO: Black Honey, Two Door Cinema Club

Ma’am Get Off The Train – The Missionaries

Groovy indie rock which mellows out into a gentle, tropical tune. FFO: Two Door Cinema Club, Tame Impala

Ask Twice – Gold Spectacles

Funky guitar riffs, sprinkled with synth, flute, and smooth vocals. FFO: Metronomy, Tame Impala

Cinema – Mouth Breather

Synthy low-fi indie rock with hazy vocals and a polished melody. FFO: Bad Sounds, Superfood

In Between – Junaco

Silky-sweet vocals, a wavy melody, paired with a gentle beat and fuzzy guitar. FFO: Beach House, Tame Impala

Learn to Let It Go – Renwick

Refined vocals, mixed with a dancey, upbeat melody. FFO: Temporex, The Marias


Groovy, sunshine-filled, summery tune, packed with energy, and a cool vibe. FFO: Mark Ronson, Tom Grennan

Oxy Cotton Candy – Speelburg

Chilled out electro-pop with a cheeky edge. FFO: The Magic Gang, Bad Sounds

Quiet Down – Madison Malone

Gorgeous vocals and a sweet melody, paired with a powerful music video. FFO: Lorde, Jorja Smith

Listen to the ‘Soundtracked’ playlist here:

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