Pretty Vicious – Beauty Of Youth

After a whirlwind number of years, Pretty Vicious have set hearts racing with their long-awaited debut album – and it’s in the running to be once of the best rock debuts of recent times.

The storming riffs of ‘These Four Walls’ bring the album off to a splintering start, before exploding straight into lead single ‘Move’. An emphatic, fiery tune, ‘Move’ is exactly the kind of mosh-pit inducing track that has allowed Pretty Vicious to gain international acclaim, reaching sweaty rooms of rock fans across the world.

‘Something Worthwhile’ has a hopeful youthfulness, laced with a bright, anthemic spirit, whilst ‘Force Of Nature’ takes a more commanding approach. The euphoric melody ‘What Could Have Been’ raises your pulse, before dropping down into the slightly calmer notes of ‘Playing With Guns’.

The thumping beats of ‘Are You Entertained’ reminds you once again of why Pretty Vicious have sold out venues across the country, whilst album closer ‘Little Molly’ ends the record in the same way it began – roaring, rowdy, fool-proof rock and roll.

The future of Pretty Vicious may be unknown, but the band say: “We’ll see you all again, don’t know where, don’t know when, but wherever it is we promise it’s going to be sweaty, debauched and very, very loud.”

Wherever the band go next, their individual talent is undeniable – and their growth over the past few years shows just how far they could voyage next.

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