Band of the Month – March ‘19 – Black Honey

After years of anticipation, the Brighton quartet finally released their captivating debut record last September.

Perfectly blending indie rock with dreamy pop, the band have created an album full of songs that wouldn’t be out of place in a big screen indie movie.

Whilst the normal version of the album contained twelve mostly new tracks, the group also released a deluxe version encompassing a further nine fan favourites.

Lead single ‘Midnight’ brings elements of disco to the indie rock world, whilst ‘Bad Friends’ starts to mark the shift in the band’s genre, from heavy riffs to delicate melodies.

Old favourite ‘Hello Today’ also appears, alongside ‘Dig’ – a throwback to the vivid colours of the band’s indie rock beginnings.

A cinematic twist of rock and pop; Black Honey’s debut album effortlessly translated into their live shows – and I was fortunate to catch them play The Church in Leeds last year.

Lead singer Izzy’s stage presence was electrifying, enthralling the crowd with her enchanting vocals, whilst guitarist Chris, bassist Tommy, and drummer Tom all brought their own charm and talent to the stage.

Kicking the show off with ‘I Only Hurt the Ones I Love’, the setlist was a journey through the band’s discography, playing tunes both old and new. A particular crowd pleaser was ‘Spinning Wheel’; the whole venue erupting into one giant mosh pit.

The overall show was just as cinematically pleasing as their album – from the neon signs to the bright lighting, its clear the band put just as much effort into their stage set up as they do with their music.

Every time I see Black Honey I am in awe… and it won’t be long before they’re playing much, much bigger venues.


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