A Strung Out Pilot EP – roves

Released last month, the debut EP from roves is one to listen to. The band describe themselves as characterised by ‘atmospheric, ambient, and sad songs’ – a sound which could easily be likened to artists like Jack Garratt, and Bon Iver etc.

The instrumental ambience of ‘I’ flows beautifully into ‘Beneath My Skin’, establishing a tranquil ground for the entire EP.

Poetic lyrics and gentle melodies symbolise relationships and hardships “lost in an empty space // maybe we’ll find our place”, meanwhile the melancholic feel of each track creates a contrasting, yet calming atmosphere of both sadness and hopefulness.

To ‘rove’ is described as a ‘journey with no destination’. But roves certainly have a destination – and if their debut EP is anything to go by, they’re destined for massive things.

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