‘I Can’t Believe They Invented It!’ in 8 sentences

‘I Can’t Believe They Invented It!’ is the latest album from Prague singer-songwriter Tristan Puig. Mellow notes and soft vocals intertwine throughout each track, with carefully crafted melodies and profoundly honest lyrics paving the way to an all-round beautiful album.

Tristan provided us with a one-sentence summary of each track, creating an insight to the meaning of the songs:

Balance – It’s hard to have someone care about you deeply when your mental illness gets in the way and it’s hard to care about someone deeply when their mental illness gets in the way.

Warmth – When you’re free, security seems like the most important thing and when you’re secure, freedom seems like the most important thing.

Tiny Things – Staying hopeful can be difficult when both you and the world as a whole seem determined to sabotage any shred of progress you make.

Tumult – Letting go is tempting when things are bad but the agony and wonder of not letting go is so much fun.

From A Dog To Its Master – No living thing will ever care for another living thing the exact amount that that living thing cares about it.

New Friends – Harsh truths feel impossible to accept sometimes but blissful ignorance is actually impossible to sustain.

Homewrecker – There are a lot of different points of view in even the most straight-forward-seeming situation, but all of them come from a place of insecurity.

An Embarrassing Waste of Time – It is so fucking hard to feel alone and replaceable.

Top tracks; ‘Tumult’ and ‘An Embarrassing Waste of Time’.

Listen to ‘I Can’t Believe They Invented It!’ here:

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