Music’s always been “second nature to me” – Jimi Somewhere discusses upcoming EP ‘Ponyboy’

Norwegian indie artist Jimi Somewhere is set to release a brand new EP titled ‘Ponyboy’ soon.

He spoke to Little Dose of Indie about his major influences, his creative process, and his biggest ambitions for the future.

“I’ve kinda always been into it,” Jimi said, discussing how he first got into playing music. “In elementary I used to sing in several bands that played original songs I wrote. It’s always been second nature to me.”

The process for recording the EP involved leaving Norway, for sunny LA, which gave Jimi and his producer the “boost to create”. Jimi explained, “we made that whole EP in a tiny apartment in Koreatown, Los Angeles. Both me and my producer Milo felt like we needed to get away from Norway because we were feeling uninspired.”

“All the songs happened really organically too which is how it should be.”

The first single from the EP is ‘1st Place’. It’s an beautifully crafted indie-pop anthem, and probably Jimi’s best release yet – discussing the stress of adulthood, and the longing to go back to teenage years ‘Life was better when I was 17’.

Jimi cites some of major his influences in creating the EP: “We were listening to a lot of Phoebe Bridgers and American Pleasure Club at the time, as well as hella punk bands.”

“Other than that, Frank Ocean, Kevin Abstract and Kanye are three artists that always linger in my mind whenever I create.”

Jimi also discussed other inspirations, referencing to artists such as Choker, along with the young Norwegian music scene. “I’ve also been listening to a lot of Ryan Playground, which is this cool girl from Canada who makes a kinda mix of electronic music and pop punk.”

His dream collaboration? “Maybe Lorde or Frank Ocean,” Jimi states, “I would be so scared if I was in the studio with them though – not gonna lie they are both God level. But it would still be awesome.”

Jimi explained how he feels it’s ‘easier’ now to be a creator in the current era of music. “There were more gatekeepers before. Now you don’t need a record label or anything like that. You can spread your art and music so easily on the internet, and even though people don’t buy records that much anymore, there are still several ways to make money off your art. So the kids are gonna be alright!”

The singer’s biggest ambitions for the next few years include touring the whole world, and releasing a “really great album.” Jimi also hopes to tour the upcoming EP: “Performing is one of my favourite things and I love to travel, so I hope my new EP ‘Ponyboy’ lets us go out on tour again!”

Listen to ‘1st Place’ here:

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