Album of the Month – Feb ‘19 : Acts Of Fear and Love – Slaves

Loud energetic punk rockers – Slaves are a duo that just keep on giving. ‘Acts Of Fear And Love’ is their best material yet – and here’s why.

Opening with the rampant explosive sounds of ‘The Lives They Wish They Had’, the Kent duo reference the Millennial desire to lead a different life, through constant self-gratification on social media – “When you put your latest purchases on public display? Is it praise you’re after? Or is it something more? Like a desperate need for acceptance that you just can’t ignore.”

From headbanging anthems ‘Magnolia’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence’, to singalong tracks ‘Chokehold’, Slaves musical and lyrical development is evident on their third record. And the duo have even showcased a softer side – ‘Daddy’ features subtle guitar and lighter vocals, something we haven’t seen often from Slaves

The slow build up from the soft piano-esque riff, to the much heavier vocals and almost euphoric melody in ‘Photo Opportunity’, is immense – creating a standout, nostalgic track reminiscent of early childhood days.

Finally, ‘Acts Of Fear And Love’ is the perfect way to close yet another well crafted Slaves album. Their third album is their best so far – and they’re only getting better.

“Acts of love can be seen. If only few and far between”

Stream the album here:

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