6 artists who will make it big(ger) in 2019

2018 has been a pretty interesting year for music. Arctic Monkeys released their first album in five years, Wolf Alice won the Mercury Prize, and Cardi B and Nicki Minaj are STILL ‘beefing’… Who knows what the next year will bring? One thing for certain, here are 6 artists who will (and undoubtedly deserve to) get more recognition in 2019.

Boy Pablo

After already amassing over 200k Instagram followers and millions of Spotify streams, you could say Boy Pablo has done pretty well for himself… but could he go even further? Having released two EPs in the last year, and completing headline tours across the UK, Europe, USA and Asia, Pablo and his band are beginning to take things a step further. 2019 is likely to boost their fanbase even further, seeing the band play much bigger venues, and possibly even a world tour.

No Hot Ashes

The infectiously groovy tunes from No Hot Ashes just keep on coming… the band have already teased plans for 2019, making it set to be a very exciting year for the Stockport four-piece.

Pretty Vicious

Welsh rockers Pretty Vicious are already out there proving that rock’n’roll truly isn’t dead – and with a fanbase that keeps on growing, it can’t be long before people start catching onto their roaring guitar heavy bangers, catapulting their success even further.


After a year-long hiatus, VANT are set to make a huge comeback in 2019. With the recent release of ‘Propaganda Machine’, the politically fuelled indie rockers are due to release even more music very soon, so keep an eye out…

Yellow Café

Whilst Yellow Café may currently have a small following, the band have already released two singles and two EP’s – 2019 is sure to be a year of further success.

Gecko Club

Another one of my recent discoveries, Gecko Club have already started to build up a big following in an around London – it won’t be long before their surf-rock reaches other parts of the country.

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