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Yellow Café release new EP ‘Soap Bubble’

Yellow Café release new EP.

The latest EP from the West Yorkshire duo shows that, yet again, Yellow Café really are ones to watch out for.

Each song showcases the duo’s exceptional ability to create track after track of beautifully crafted melodies, complete with graceful, serenading vocals.

From ‘Elastic’, to ‘Orange English Light’ – the simplistic sound of each track is so effortlessly gorgeous, pulling you further into the little bubble of music Yellow Café have created.

To quote the band: ‘Yellow Café is evolving, and you are with us’ – and this EP displays just how much evolving they have already done.

I am so unbelievably excited about this duo, and it’s no doubt 2019 will bring them so much more growth, and recognition – something which they are highly deserving of.

The ‘Soap Bubble’ EP is available here:


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