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Smallpool’s release new EP ‘So Social’

As I write this piece with my heating turned up, the rain battering down, and the cold weather out in full force, the latest EP from Smallpool’s has brought me warmth with a slice of Californian sunshine.

‘Bubbly indie rock’ perfectly sums up the entire EP – a summery juxtaposition to the harsh winter. if you want classic riffs and catchy melodies with a hint of synth pop – this one’s for you.

Lead single ‘Social’ is anthemic, mosh-pit inducing – creating the type of buzz you might find with bands such as passion pit and circa waves.

‘Stumblin’ Home’ is a fine example of funky synth pop, meanwhile ‘Downtown Fool Around’ is possibly my favourite track off the EP, with catchy lyrics and an irresistible beat, it’s a perfect pop-rock combination.

The addition of brass instruments on final track ‘Beggar’ sounds painlessly cool, showing that Smallpool’s are evolving their sound – and certainly have more room to grow.

The EP is available to stream on Spotify here:


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