BOYO releases new album ‘Dance Alone’

22-year-old multi-instrumentalist Robert Tilden, a.k.a. ‘BOYO’, has just released a brand-new album, titled ‘Dance Alone’, and it’s everything you could ever want to listen to on a rainy day… Smoothly blending influences of psych-pop, funk, and mellow indie rock, ‘Dance Alone’ is Tilden’s best record yet – and he’s done three!

Tilden’s latest album takes a somewhat subdued tone in comparison to previous ventures, lyrically featuring topics of family, relationships, and mental health, yet melodically each track has an uplifting feel – likening to a small voice telling you everything will turn out alright.

boyo2Lead single ‘Hit or Miss’ is a seamless mix of funkiness, haziness, and effortlessly velvety vocals. Meanwhile, ‘How it Goes’ starts to take an anthemic turn; a singalong-esque chorus, met with a guitar-filled cheerful melody – a stark contrast to the mournful lyrics highlighting the struggles of mental health.

‘Cutscenes’ is a standout tune across the whole album, and perhaps the grooviest, making you really want to ‘Dance Alone’… ‘Secure’ is tranquil, laid-back, and euphonious. The majority of the track is instrumental, making it the perfect soundtrack to a chilled-out afternoon.

Finally, title track ‘Dance Alone’, is a diamond amongst jewels – another stand out track on what is already a fabulous record. The chorus is lyrically and tunefully pleasing, taking influences of soft indie rock, and merging them with funk and pop.

Overall – a gratifying third album.

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